Database Woes

Well it seems that Database 7 is going to keep me continually challenged for the next while. after recovering from the last corruption that I encountered I started to repair the damage. I went back to working on the form that I wanted to finish and Database crashed my Palm again. It seems that Database doesn’t like having more than 4 pages on a tab control. Both times now my Palm has crashed as soon as I try to rename my fourth page. It’s very consistent, I can place a fourth page on my tab control with the Add Page option but if I try to change the name of the new page from the default name I immediately get a crash .This time I was careful and paid closer attention to what I was doing. Database seems to save working files into Palm memory rather than on the storage card. After the crash, a copy of my database file and copies of the two tables that I hadn’t yet saved changes for were located in Palm storage. This time I deleted the duplicate database found in RAM from my explorer utility and fired up Database again. I was immediately given a message indicating that there were tables on my Treo that needed to be reattached to a database. I  followed the instructions provided several times but found that the Attach Tables function was completely ignoring me. It was at this point that I discovered the duplicate table files in RAM. I copied the duplicate files from RAM back to my MobiSystems directory on my card and tried again. This time I was told that the files could not be reattached. I presumed these files were corrupted and replaced them with my backup copies. Now I was told that Database was unable to import the tables into my database. From Database I then selected the database I was working on and picked Change Location from the menu. This transfers my database and all attached table files from my SD card into RAM. I copied the table files that I was trying to reattach into RAM as well and tried again. Success! It appears that Database doesn’t always play nicely when working on databases stored on an SD card. Database won’t allow you to attach a table to a database unless both the table and the database are in RAM. I recommend moving your databases into RAM if you can spare the space. At the very least it may be worthwhile to transfer DB files into RAM to work on them and move them back to a card when done. For now at least I guess I also have to avoid renaming my fourth page on my tab control.

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