Barrie Automotive Flea Market – Fall

Since the Summer Automotive Flea Market in Barrie was such a good time, The Mrs. and I took a day off to head back up to Barrie again for a look around. Unfortunately the Roadmaster was still out of commission so cruising in style was out of the question. The weather forecast called for overcast and a little cool but we took The Mrs. modern iron just in case as the Pontiac has no air conditioning. That was extremely fortunate as, once again, the weather man was way off the mark. Despite a big broad hat and carrying twice the amount of fluids that I did on the last trip, I wound up with another touch of heatstroke from wandering around the aisles for 7 hours. Ultimately I was too exhausted to even finish the entire walk even if the park weren’t about to close up for the night. While I didn’t find any parts again this trip I did manage to get lots of photos of various vehicles both driven and put up for sale.

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