Ancaster Automotive Flea Market

The Mrs. and I checked out the Ancaster Auto Flea Market this weekend. I had hoped to prowl the vendor stalls and find something for one of my cars. While I didn’t find any parts, I was able to locate the 1981 GM Passenger vehicle service manual addendum. No luck finding the manual itself, but it’s a start. I also located a copy of the 1981 GM engine catalogue. Not a terribly useful book from my standpoint, but an interesting item to add to my collection of literature about my cars.

We also browsed through the automotive auction while we were there. The flea market includes a collection of cars each year that get paraded past the bidders much like a Barrett Jackson auction but on a much smaller scale. While I wasn’t really in the market for anything I really fell in love with a Desoto wagon that was just begging for a good home. The car apparently had been used in the movie Porky’s although the scene it was in had been cut. I surely wish that I had the money, room, and skill required to purchase this beauty, restore it and give it a good home.

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