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Cars 2 – The music of the movie

Pixar studios has released two new tidbits today. There’s a track list for the Cars 2 soundtrack and a full trailer for the upcoming movie!

I’m pretty excited about the Cars 2 soundtrack, mostly for Weezer’s interpretation of a classic Cars track (“The Cars”, not The Movie). I’m a big fan of The Cars and Weezer and the bits of that cover track in the trailer sound pretty cool.

Here’s a preview of some of the tracks and artists.

Song: “You Might Think”
Performer(s): Weezer
Fun Facts: Cover of The Cars’ song.

Song: “Collision of Worlds”
Performer(s): Robbie Williams, Brad Paisley

Song: “Nobody’s Fool”
Performer(s): Brad Paisley
Fun Facts: Paisley’s fourth song for the Cars franchise.

Song: “Mon coeur fait vroom” (MY Heart Goes Vroom)
Performer(s): Benabar
Fun Facts: Introduces Paris scene; co-written by Giacchino.

Song: “Polyrhythm”
Performer(s): Perfume
Fun Facts: Introduces Tokyo scene.

Click on the picture below to view the new trailer and hear a little bit of that Weezer cover tune!

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