Replacing the Roadmaster wagon interior

I’ve been looking at replacing the Roadmaster wagon interior for a while and now its starting to come together. Back in August a friend of mine and I decided to pick up an old Roadmaster and split the parts. He needed the powertrain and I was shopping for some interior parts. While my seats were in great shape, the carpeting was very tired and all of my door panels were beyond repair and in dire need of replacement.

Replacing the Roadmaster wagon interior. This old door panel has to go.
Replacing the Roadmaster wagon interior. Big enough for a barn dance.

I’ve decided that, since I’m looking at swapping most of the interior to freshen it up anyway, it might be worthwhile to change the colour altogether. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wagon with the same exterior colour as mine and a tan interior. I really like the tan interior that came with these B-Bodies and I think it would look great with my blue paint and really set off the woodgrain trim well.

The wagon that my friend and I found was in very rough shape from having been sitting in a field for an undetermined amount of time. Despite that, the interior was nearly in mint condition. The seller sent me some photos and I was very anxious to pick up the car and get started. Unfortunately someone showed up at the seller’s place and picked up the car before I could get to it. I went back to watching the classifieds for another wagon to donate parts to my project. Fast forward a couple of months and I found another donor. After seeing photos of the interior this time I didn’t hesitate and agreed to buy the wagon sight unseen. Upon picking up the beast, I discovered that it was the exact same wagon that I had missed out on earlier and it still had the same beautifully preserved interior.

I had the wagon dragged home and we began the process of hollowing out the two wagons to begin the swap.
Replacing the Roadmaster wagon interior. Can we keep them? Replacing the Roadmaster wagon interior. One long car!

Replacing the Roadmaster wagon interior
Replacing the Roadmaster wagon interior. A garage full of parts!

It was close to a 50 hour process to get both wagons hollowed out and the new tan interior installed. It rained off and on throughout the entire installation process and ultimately started raining hard enough that we had to pack it in. Most of the interior is installed now with only a few pieces left to go. Stay tuned for more photos and updates.
Replacing the Roadmaster wagon interior. Starting to come together now.Replacing the Roadmaster wagon interior. Loving this colour!

Replacing the Roadmaster wagon interior. Really hoping this will stop the dash rattle.
Replacing the Roadmaster wagon interior. This part was a little fiddly.

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