Hacking for the disturbed

I’ve always been a big fan of hacking. Tearing something open to improve it in some way or make it do something other than what it’s supposed to do. Merging multiple things together into a new uber-powerful gadget has often been a dream of mine.

One of my favourite places for getting ideas and witnessing the genius of others is www.instructables.com. Many a project has gotten a good start by prowling around here.

As undeniable proof that the Internet can often be a haven for the truly odd a tutorial has been put together for combining hardware hacking with “wetware” hacking. Some absurd little person who undoubtedly has many dark secrets in their childhood has flexed their creative muscle and created a mouse made from…well…a mouse.

(Note the following link can be more than a little upsetting to the squeamish among us. Be warned)


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