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Batman: Gotham Knight

Well, I’m sitting here watching Batman: Gotham Knight and I felt the need to share with everyone just how impressed I am with it.

For those who haven’t discovered this little gem it’s a collection of animated short stories set to take place between “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” during the rebuilding of Wayne Manor (although strangely one scene shows Bruce Wayne and Alfred in what appears to be an intact mansion). The whole thing sort of smacks of an “Animatrix” ripoff but give it a chance. While watching it, there is the same feel to many of the visuals that were common in the “Animatrix” but this has been done very well and really knocked my socks off.

I’ve never been an avid follower of Batman. I’m more of a casual observer. I thoroughly enjoyed “No Man’s Land” and one or two of the Batman/Predator clashes. I religiously watched “The Batman” animated series in the first season but that was partially for the supercool theme music written by U2’s The Edge. There may very well be Batman die-hards out there who didn’t like Gotham Knight but for a casual viewer/occasional Batman fan this is really worth checking out.

It’s interesting to note that several of the artistic talents that worked on the visuals and production for Gotham Knight have the legendary “Akira” on their resumes as well. The rooftop scene in “Have I Got A Story For You” has some absolutely stellar background art. I was also quite pleased to hear Kevin Conroy back to provide the voice talent for the Batman as well as his alter-ego Bruce Wayne. Kevin Conroy is as much the voice of Batman to me now as Adam West was when I was a kid.

So for anyone who enjoys animation, good storytelling, and..well…Batman, pick up a copy of Batman: Gotham Knight. I really don’t think that you’ll be disappointed.

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