The Mystery remains

Well it seems that, as of yet, I don’t have any new information on what caused my Roadmaster to suddenly decide not to start. I’ve given it a pretty thorough looking over and my mechanic has done the same. The battery has plenty of power and, when the car does start, it does so without issue. The problem can only be electrical in nature from what I’ve seen. I’m thinking that it’s probably that fancy magnetic starter motor that my LT1 has, the kind that can’t be encouraged with a hammer or there’s a slim chance it’s the ignition switch. After the shaking around that it got during the flatbed ride to my mechanic on Saturday, the Roadmaster has behaved itself totally. I’ve done a bit of start and stop driving, and my mechanic went out to start the car several times throughout the day and each time it started up like the unstoppable leviathan that it outwardly appears to be. I guess all I can do is wait and see. I’m pretty certain that this issue won’t rear it’s head again until the absolute worst possible time but it looks like that’s a risk I’ll have to take.

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