Another beauty of a wagon

A friend of mine recently purchased a Rambler. For those of you who’ve followed the blogroll link at the left to Roadmonster.org, you know what I mean. (Shame on those of you who haven’t followed the link. You’re missing out!). This new acquisition has made me take a closer look at Ramblers. I have little exposure to them and I find them pretty intriguing. Naturally, my curiousity lead me to look into a wagon variant and I quickly discovered that in 1956 the Rambler Cross Country wagon was an amazing car.

I found the image below over at Curbside Classic but there were plenty more around the web. What’s interesting about the image below is that incredible woodgrain treatment. I haven’t been able to locate any other pictures of this wagon with that woodgrain. A bit of reading reveals many folks saying the same thing. It seems that it was either a rare option, a disliked one, or the woodgrain has been resistant to restorers efforts to locate replacements. Another really compelling feature for me is that absence of a B-Pillar. I really love the look of a wagon with front and back windows down. Leaving out the B-Pillar doesn’t always work on a sedan in my opinion but this wagon looks fantastic without it.

For now, enjoy this one picture and drink in that gorgeous wood!

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