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As long as I’ve had cars, cleaning the inside of the glass has been troublesome. If it weren’t such a hackneyed statement I’d claim it to be the bane of my existence. That’s pretty dramatic really as it is just glass.
Cleaning the outside of the glass isn’t nearly so bad, no matter what you use but the inside always seems to have a few streaks in it. As a typical North American, I treat this problem as though it’s anyone’s fault but mine. If the glass isn’t clean, then I must be using the wrong cleaner, or the wrong cloth. As a result, I’ve worked my way through many different glass cleaning products trying to find the one that works the way I want it do and is therefore the perfect product because it reduces the amount of effort that I need to put into my task. You can take all of this as a disclaimer because, although I’m very happy with the product I’m about to describe, I’m not affiliated with them in any way and your mileage may vary. I’m just making this recommendation in case you’re like me and you have a shelf full of glass cleaners that didn’t meet your standards. If I can shortcut your cleaner buying process this will be all worthwhile.

Enter the perfect glass cleaning product…Invisible Glass! Even the name is pretty cool, if not just a little cocky. I spotted this in the store one day and really just thought it was the next in line to try out in my quest for a good cleaner. It didn’t strike me until I got home that I might be in anyway appreciative of the concept of making my glass invisible and I didn’t really expect it to do what I wanted. Once again, I was pretty wrong there. I bought the aerosol can of Invisible Glass and it sprays on like any other. The impressive part is the way that it wipes off. So many cleaners that I’ve used in the past require a bit of elbow grease to remove followed by squinting at the glass surface from numerous angles to determine if you’ve successfully eradicated every single streak. If you don’t find them all, you just know that the remaining one will be directly in your field of vision the next time a headlight beam hits the glass when your driving at night. I had none of that with Invisible Glass. I simply wiped it off and it was clean. Granted for the first few uses I went through all of the front seat gymnastics required to snipe-hunt streaks on the glass, but they just weren’t there. Towards the end of last summer the Mrs. took it upon herself to become the official caretaker of my glass. After using up many other cleaners left abandoned in the garage, she finally made her way to the can of Invisible Glass. (kinda feels like that should have some reverb on it doesn’t it?…INVISIBLE…GLASS!) She was extremely impressed with how much easier cleaning the inside of the windshield became. The Mrs. is none too fond of a task taking longer or requiring more effort than necessary so this was high praise indeed.

At long last, I’ve cleared the detailing shelf of all of my glass cleaner wannabe’s and I now require only one spot for invisibility products. Now and forevermore, my automotive transparency issues will be handled by INVISIBLE…GLASS

Check ’em out on the web here for more nifty details on Invisible Glass products. They don’t have any cool reverb effects, but there’s lots of other good stuff.

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