The Roadmaster is home again

At long last the Roadmaster is back home where it belongs. After two months in the body shop it’s good to see 18 feet of woodgrain in my driveway again.

The body shop had a fair amount of trouble getting the floor pan coating to adhere properly. It’s cracking and peeling off even now but after sending it back three times I just don’t think it’s worthwhile fighting over it any more.

I posted a few weeks back about the rust that had rotted through the roofline underneath the drivers side rubber seal. It was pretty bad. See that post here. The roofline has been repaired with a fresh piece of metal and painted. The repair wouldn’t be mistaken for factory sheet metal but it doesn’t look too bad. I suspect I’ll be using a different body shop for future repairs but even after all of the hassles the bill was quite low and I have the wagon back. That’s what really matters.

The first order of business was to get the roof rack reinstalled to cover up the holes in the roof and stop the car from holding water. Stay tuned for details of that repair.

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