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The tastiest snacks!

I don’t think anyone can doubt my love of potato chips. It borders on an addiction really. Some years ago the coffee truck that visited my office each day started carrying a new snack and I decided to give them a try. I had discovered the ideal means of satisfying several snacking needs at once. In a word “Chipnuts”! I think I may have put the coffee truck driver’s kids through college back then and I’ve been eating these things by the bagful ever since.

These tasty little devils are jumbo cocktail peanuts wrapped in an outer coating made of chips. Picard’s Peanuts, the manufacturer, sells them in a staggering number of flavours that are all fantastic. My current favourite is White Cheddar but they are all really, really good. Fortunately, Picard’s has a retail outlet a couple of towns over that I frequent whenever possible. I’d hate to have my supply of these too far away but I don’t suppose it would matter even if they were. The White Cheddar bag shown at right that was purchased on Saturday was little more than a memory by Sunday.

You can check out many of Picard’s Peanuts offerings here: Picards Peanuts!

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