Accessory snacks

My love for chips has necessitated that my snacks be categorized somewhat. There are some chips that I will simply sit down and eat (demolish or eradicate might be better words) while other snacks are only acceptable in certain circumstances. I might eat a plain bag of ridged or rippled chips with a movie, but a particular flavour of chip might be better if it accompanied a burger, or better yet, a hot dog.

Enter PopChips!
I discovered these little devils a few weeks ago while perusing the snack aisle at the local grocery. Having never seen them before, obviously they had to be purchased. I selected a bag of Cheddar as I’m as fond of cheese as I am of chips. The marketing information on the bag claims that the chips are air popped rather than baked or fried so I was intrigued. When I opened the bag and tried them out, I wasn’t particularly taken with them and couldn’t envision myself simply eating them as I would a typical chip. I put the bag back in the cupboard thinking I would finish them later. After a couple of days I decided to give them another try as an accessory snack to go with a freshly constructed ham sandwich. Well now it seems I’m unable to eat a ham sandwich without the sharp cheddar taste of these PopChips. I’ve been spoiled for all others and the two now must go together for all time.

Do yourself a favour and pair these up on a plate with finely sliced Black Forest Ham piled high on a Kaiser roll. I suspect you won’t be disappointed.

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