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New parts have arrived

It’s been a little hectic at work lately so I have a few blog posts to catch up on. Sorry for the lack of new material.

I started searching this morning for some parts I ordered last month. They certainly have been a long time coming. I contacted the seller and got a tracking number and after some effort, I discovered that they had been sitting at my local post office for two weeks! The tracking history shows that several attempts were made to deliver them. Strangely some of those attempts were only 20 minutes apart. Sounds made-up to me and I’ve never received any notification that they were there. Fortunately the parts were still waiting and weren’t due to be returned to sender for another few days.

Now I have some cleaning and preparation to do as the parts are used. The center console that I ordered for the Roadmaster is in good shape, better than mine at least, but really needs a good cleaning inside and out (especially inside, not sure what was kept in there but it was pretty funky). Once it’s clean and odour free I’ll let it back in the car again.

I also received a replacement set of light covers for the cargo area and a full set of replacement seatbelts for the Roadmaster. My drivers side belt is somewhat frayed, in fact it looks like it’s been chewed on. When I had the car safety inspected, my mechanic thought hard before letting me get away without replacing that one belt so I’m glad I was able to find a set in good condition to set this right. These will get installed after I remove the seats, clean the carpet and rust protect the floor panels and seat frames. I can’t wait!

For now, my next focus will be on getting the Pontiac ready for winter. I need to replace the carburetor, install new weather stripping around the doors, re-seal the windshield, and locate some decent snow tires. I’m still shopping for a good price on weather stripping and the replacement carburetor will be ordered shortly. Stay tuned!

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