Roadmaster Home Plate Delete

It’s a little too cold outside to do much automotive work at the moment but I’m just itching to get started. I figure a good place to start work with an LT1 engine is the “Home Plate Delete” modification which involves removing the intake air filter resonator. While I really do like the stock look of the Roadmaster’s LT1 engine, it really strikes me as silly having that big piece of plastic on there specifically to reduce engine noise. The fact that it has a negative impact on horsepower isn’t helping it’s case any either. The traditional starting point in removing the home plate is to stick a hockey puck in the hole in the intake system that removing the resonator leaves behind. I realize that a hockey puck is an ideal cost effective method of stopping up the resonator hole, but it just doesn’t feel right. While I might be replacing the air intake system next year with something a little more custom, I wanted to fill the hole with something with a little more style to it. I found this little gem on eBay and had to have one.

Since removal of the resonator and installation of the plug is so simple, I just couldn’t wait until spring to get it installed so I braved the cold and made the swap. Unfortunately one of the mounting bolts for the resonator mounting bracket was stuck and I had to leave it there until the warmer weather when I have some ambition to remove it properly. I was able to get the resonator removed and pop this little beauty in there.

There is a change in the exhaust note of the car now and it has a very rewarding rumble to it when you hit the gas. Unfortunately this little shiny has the negative effect of reminding me that I didn’t get time to properly clean the engine compartment before finger freezing weather set in. I’ll just have to try and ignore how filthy the engine looks until spring and just pay attention to how much cooler that big 5.7L V8 sounds as it works it’s way up to cruising speed.

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