Getting closer to mating my seats with my car again

I haven’t heard anything from the body shop that has my Roadmaster since I dropped it off on Monday so I figured I would check up on it. With my passenger seat done, I’m itching to refinish the drivers seat and get it all put back together again.

I drove down to the body shop yesterday and found my car sitting outside. The shop is right next door to a concrete precast company with a gravel truck-lot so the dust layer made the car barely recognizable. I couldn’t even see in the windows when I got there. The shop’s paint guy came out and let me look inside to see how it turned out. The inside wasn’t much cleaner after the grinding and sand blasting but the work is done and it looks good. They were willing to let me take the car right then but they were much more interested in getting it all cleaned up again before they gave it back. Now that I know it’s done, I’m much more comfortable with letting them finish things off so I left it there. I should be able to get it back on Monday. It also won’t hurt to let the car air out in their garage for the weekend as the new floor coating has a pretty strong smell to it.

I hate to reinstall my crappy looking uncleaned carpet in the car but I don’t have a replacement carpet and I’ll probably have to wait a little while until I can get one. Such is life, at least the floor pans are repaired and cleaned up. Swapping a carpet out later is dead simple so I figure I can wait a little longer to replace the carpeting.

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