1998 Chrysler Intrepid

When my Chevy Lumina reached the point that I had fallen out of love with it and didn’t want to put money into it anymore I traded it in on a beautiful 1998 Chrysler Intrepid. it wasn’t particularly well optioned or well performing, but it sure was black! Looking down onto the car from a second floor window, it was hard to tell where the black paint stopped and the black window tint started. The dealership was more than happy to get their hands on a Lumina Eurosport coupe even with the 2.8L V6 and gave me quite a bit more money for it than I expected. That made the deal pretty easy. I’ve owned few cars over the years that gave me so much satisfaction out of simply looking at them. Overall, the new Intrepid design didn’t make for a spectacularly engineered vehicle and I had many problems with it while I owned it. Pretty is as pretty does I guess. Despite all of the repairs that it went through and the amount of oil that was burned in that DOHC 2.7L V6 I really loved driving that car. I had built a DOS-based MP3 player using an old desktop computer, and later a few laptops, for my car several years before and it migrated beautifully into the Intrepid. Once I finished the installation, it almost looked like it was a factory player and gave me a lot of hours of steadfast operation even when the car didn’t.

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