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Well I had my court date today. It was a much smoother process than everyone led me to believe it would be. The waiting area has seating for 60 people, and I expected to spend the day sitting there waiting my turn. The tickets give the address on the back and say “9:00AM SHARP!”…yes the capitals and exclamation mark are right there on my ticket so I expected a line up with everyone showing up at the same time.

I showed up around 8:45 and the place was empty and I was the first on the docket. By the time we got in there were only two others. They seemed to take us alphabetically as I was second in line in the court room. The youngpunk ahead of me had been charged with public intoxication while under age (I live in a University town) and came to protest the ticket because he’s only a “poor student”. When I was called up I gave my story, showed my vehicle receipt and ownership transfer to confirm that I was caught only an hour after purchasing the car. The judge heard me out and suspended all the charges and even the processing fee. For something that I agonized over so extensively, it went pretty well and didn’t cost me a thing. I showed up at 8:30AM was called to the courtroom at 9:40AM and was headed back to my car by 9:50AM.

I haven’t had so much as a nibble on the Pontiac yet (not counting all of the people who are currently at sea and would like to buy the car sight unseen for more than the asking price to ship to their father/brother-in-law/drug dealer). I can’t say as I’m surprised, I’m willing to haggle and I know that the asking price is high but I don’t want it to become a winter beater or a derby car. It’s a 30 year survivor and deserves better. Unfortunately, since I have one spot in the driveway, and a single car garage behind it I have to drive the wagon this winter. It’s killing me each time it snows. The car is in good shape and has been undercoated regularly but I can’t help but think that I’m killing it and it’s quietly rusting out from underneath me before spring comes. That 260hp LT1 is also not at all suited to slushy roads. The tires on the Pontiac aren’t suited for snow and I don’t want to spend money on a set of snows for a car that I’m planning on selling when I have a perfectly good set of snows for the Roadmaster. On the upside, the wagon actually looks pretty cool with the Oldsmobile hubcaps that came with the snows. Cold comfort.
I keep hoping that any day, somebody will be looking for a winter restore project or even a parts car and I’ll be able to use what little money I’m likely to get to buy something for winter myself.

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