Mighty Samson is back!!

At long last, Dark Horse Comics has gotten around to re-imagining the Mighty Samson character from Gold Key Comics fame. I loved Mighty Samson as a kid, it was cheesy as all get-out but the idea of a post-apocalyptic New York was a cool idea to me. I think films like Mad Max, and Escape from New York probably owe a little something to the original Mighty Samson issues.

The artwork is said to be spectacular as is often the case with Dark Horse publications. The reviews are mixed on the story itself, however. Frankly, based upon what I’ve heard described about the new storyline, it appears to be very close to the original in most respects. Lets face it Gold Key comics from the 60’s and 70’s were not known for their high-quality. They were known to be the ones hanging at the grocery store checkout. 3 comics in a package meant you stood a pretty good chance of conning your Mom into picking up some reading material for you to quietly absorb on the ride home.

I re-read almost the entire original series a few months ago when I heard that this was coming out. Now if I can just locate a copy at the grocery store checkout, my delusion will be complete.

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