An interesting discovery

I’ve mentioned many times that I’m not a big fan of how my Roadmaster is running at the moment. For those of you who haven’t heard me whining, I’ll fill you in. When I bought my wagon, the rear shocks were shot. So much so that I got pulled over in a safety blitz while driving the car home after purchasing it as the officer could see from some distance that something might be amiss. I noticed that several users on the ImpalaSS forums had opted to install Monroe Severe Service shocks on their B-Body cars and quite liked them. When I discovered that Severe Service shocks where the hardware of choice for police interceptors and emergency vehicles I made a snap decision and ordered some. Personally, I find the ride far too stiff and jarring while I’m driving. I understand that the Dynaride suspension in these wagons is supposed to be much smoother so this is something that I need to resolve.

On to the discovery…

The company that I work for has recently purchased another business and that business was somewhat notorious for purchasing top of the line computer hardware, and lots of it. The migration of the servers and racks is scheduled for later this month but there’s still a lot of nifty other stuff that I can inherit. As head IT geek it’s my job to sift through all of the goodies and pick out the best stuff to take back to my nerdcave. Today I loaded up the Roadmaster with 400-500 pounds of electronic gear and was really impressed to discover that the ride changed dramatically. The entire trip back to the office was as smooth as silk. In hindsight even bringing home my new 100lb toolbox home last week resulted in a better ride. I can’t say that I have any interest in leaving 100lbs of weight in the back of the car at all times but it sure was nice to finally experience the Roadmaster riding the way that it’s supposed to.

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