More mysteries resolved!

I crawled around under the dash of the Roadie today searching for the issue with that’s preventing all of my windows from rolling down from anywhere other than the drivers door. While digging, I discovered that the interior has been wet for some time. The drivers side carpeting is dry to the touch but the underpad is quite damp almost wet. The wire loom brackets are almost completely rusted out and there is a good rust patch on the floor pan. It looks like removing the carpet and fixing the floor will be high on the list when the warmer weather arrives.

While looking around the wiring under the dash I noticed the beginnings of corrosion on many of the wires, no doubt from the moisture in the carpeting. Many of the connectors were starting to whiten and the fuse panel was a mess! both the back and the front of the fuse panel had a fair amount of corrosion starting. I pulled out all of the fuses and soaked them in a dish of Neutrol before wiping them off. I followed that up by spraying the fuse panel liberally with Neutrol and cleaning out all of the connections as well as any of the corroded connections under the dash. That fixed the mysterious clicking noise that I’ve been hearing under the dash while sitting in the car and while driving.

Still no luck with finding the break in the wire that’s preventing the windows from working.I’m planning a trip to a local pick-a-part wrecking yard that the Mrs. located for me. I’m pretty excited at the prospect of finding a Roadie that I can steal parts from, however unlikely that might be.

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