The Cursed Earth. A Great Judge Dredd Saga

I’ve finally located all of the 2000 AD Progs (issues) that contain the legendary Judge Dredd “The Cursed Earth” story line. You may recall from my post in March, when I showed photos of my Matchbox Adventure 2000 set,  I explained that the K2001 Raider Command vehicle was featured throughout that story. The Cursed Earth story took place in 2000 AD magazine from Progs #61 to #85.

Progs #71 and #72 contain the infamous “Burger Wars” story that McDonalds and Burger King fought so hard against. Those two  issues are apparently pretty scarce now. Interestingly a later story in the cursed earth storyline contained a parody of the Jolly Green Giant and several issues later an advertisement featured the “real” Jolly Green Giant voicing a desire to renew his good name. I guess different companies handle things in different ways.

Prog #72 contains Chapter 13 of the Cursed Earth story which describes a past event that mirrors almost exactly the premise of Jurassic Park. The Cursed Earth storyline was published in 2000 A.D. magazine 12 years before Michael Crichton’s novel.

Without further delays, here is a whopping gallery of some of the coolest shots of the Raider Command and KillDozer from the Cursed Earth Judge Dredd story published in 2000AD magazine. I’ve also included the contest advertisements that allowed 2000 A.D. readers to win the Matchbox K2001 Raider Command, the K2002 Flight Hunter, and the K2003 Crusader.

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