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More parts hunting

I’ve located a number of parts for the Roadmaster. Gotta love how eBay brings together people who need to get rid of crap and people who are after crap.

Many of the interior pieces of my Roadmaster wagon are a little worn looking. My seat belts have some frayed spots to them and really need to be replaced along with my centre console. I located these parts from a seller in Michigan who’s parting out some B-bodies and they’re on the way!

Last night I located a member of TAISSO, the Toronto Area Impala SS Owners association who is parting out more than 10 B-Bodies. He’s pretty sure that he has some blue interior door panels and is going to check his stash of cars for me to see what condition they’re in. It’ll be a 6 hour round trip to go get them but I’m pretty excited at the possibility of finally having rattle-free doors. Wish me luck!

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One Comment

  1. Nice find!

    Good luck on the door panels too.

    If he has two driver’s panels, you might consider buying two.

    I love these cars and wagons, but the door panels were not made very well.

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