Web Wagons: 1978 Ford Country Squire

For most folks these monstrous lumber wagons are a hideous beast that deserves to be dispatched as quickly as possible. This is really a common trend for vehicles in the 20-25 year range. They’re classed as nothing more than ugly beaters until they reach classic age and then everyone wonders where they all went. Unfortunately this trend is made worse by the “Cash For Clunkers” programs that are so common these days. I won’t make this post a rant by talking about that today.

As sad as many of the above statements are, a more common threat to these woodgrained luxury liners is the demolition derby. Derbiers (ptui) are often on the lookout for cars just like this one. While I mean no disrespect to derbiers (ptui), I do have a strong bias towards these cars and would dearly love to see them go to one of the guys at the GMLongRoof forums or, better yet, my favourite stomping grounds at StationWagonForums.com. These dedicated folk would give this beautiful beast a loving home or see that it was parted out to help out other ailing wagons.

This particular wagon has been up for sale for some time. It seems pretty likely that sooner or later we’ll see it painted school bus yellow and trashed at a local carnival.

From the sellers description:

1978 FORD”LTD” Stationwagon Country Squire Wagon; 4 door,460-4V,auto-trans.,4-wheel disc break,PW,PS,PB,PRW,A/C,  7 passenger,inquire for more details,$1450.00

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    1. I wish I could provide some information about this car. I did a series of posts last year about wagons I found up for sale in local classifieds, and this was one of them. I’ve no idea who’s car it was or if it’s still available, although after 18 months it’s likely long gone. Sorry.

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