Web Wagons: 1960 Plymouth Fury

Today’s wagon is a bit of a fixer-upper but I felt the need to share it anyway. There are so many of these aged cars sitting around rusting away. Someone, somewhere has kept it thinking that they will either restore it “someday” or that they’ll hang onto it thinking it’ll be worth money “someday”. A lot of these cars are viewed as so much scrap. They’re rusting away and not doing anyone any good. It’s important to bear in mind that a car like this is restorable for someone with the drive an determination. More importantly a car like this is capable of donating many good parts to other cars in various stages of their restoration. Today’s Web Wagon seller has learned this and is parting out a 1960 Plymouth Fury as well as a 1960 Dodge Pioneer sedan. Both appear to have been sitting in a field for a considerable amount of time but still have many salvageable (and potentially valuable) parts.

From  the seller’s description:

Parting out 2 full size cars:
1960 Dodge Pioneer and 1960 Plymonth Fury Station Wagon
Very rare cars
big block 318 in both
good glass and chrome parts

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  1. how old is this posting ? would like more pics of interior and exterior of this 1960 plymouth fury suburban if still available interested in some parts for the suburban I have.

    1. I’m not sure. I spotted this on kijiji.ca back in May. I just had a quick look now and couldn’t find any trace of it. I don’t know if it sold, or if the seller just gave up.

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