The summer begins

At long last we’re getting weather good enough for me to spend time outside on the wagon. I wheeled the wagon out a couple of weeks ago to get started on reinstalling all of the interior parts. Pretty much all of the interior parts were sitting in a pile in the cargo area with the exception of the seats and the carpet. a couple of hours later all was right in my world again as the interior was put back the way it should be. I still need to reinstall the old blue door panel on the drivers side but it’s a small portion overall and the rest of the wagon looks like a functional vehicle again.

When putting the wagon back into the garage again I noticed several streaks on the driveway and the garage. It seems that the rust on the top of the front frame forks decided to eat it’s way through one of my brake lines and every push on the pedal caused a stream of brake fluid to squirt across the driveway. A quick trip to my mechanic gave me firm brakes and a fresh layer of undercoating on the front frame forks and my wagon is back in business. Not the best way to start the wagon season but progress is progress.

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