The Roadmaster in winter shoes

One of the perks when I bought the Roadmaster wagon was that it came with a set of snow tires. My plan is not to drive the wagon in the winter, but since I haven’t been able to sell my 1981 Pontiac Parisienne yet, it was good that I happened to have a set of snow tires for the wagon so that I can get to work.

When I picked up the Roadmaster and the seller put the snows in the cargo bay, I was intrigued to discover that the snow tires came with wheel covers and a little disappointed to find that I didn’t care for the look of them. Since it should only be for one winter, I put them on the car anyway and took it out for a wash. Once the wheel covers were cleaned up they were exceptionally shiny and now that I’ve been driving with them for a week or two, they’ve really grown on me. It’s a shame that they won’t ever likely be on the car again so I had to take some pictures.

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