Cambridge Auto Wreckers

While I’m hanging around over at stationwagonforums.com I often hear stories of other wagon lovers prowling through wrecking yards for parts. It seems that this is a pastime for classic car owners. Even Stacey David has dedicated a couple of episodes of Gearz to wrecking yard hunts. I recall heading to a wrecking yard with my father many years ago when we were trying to find some replacement doors for my 1976 Chevelle. We were in a hurry that day and I never got to fully enjoy the experience. These days wrecking yards that allow you access to their yards seem to be getting scarce. I presume that there’s liability and insurance issues that resulted in this and that’s a shame. For a car guy, wandering through a boneyard is a shopping spree, a trip down memory lane, and scientific research all in one fun location. While I was working on my Roadmaster recently, I needed a few minor parts and the Mrs. discovered one of the few hold-outs in our area that still allow you to pick your own parts and we just had to go and look. The Mrs. spent a bit of time in her youth at wrecking yards with her father and even has an uncle who owns a yard a little ways north of here. (You can bet that I’ll be showing up on his doorstep once spring hits and the antennae start to spring up from their covering of snow again)

Cambridge Auto Wreckers
is a good sized yard a short drive from my home. While they had only one well picked over Roadmaster Wagon that was too old to be of much good to me, there were several Caprice Sedans to crawl around in. What impressed me the most was the organization. While I’ve not been to many wrecking yards, any of the others were really just a field of cars that sat where they were dropped. The guys at Cambridge Auto Wreckers have laid out their rows of cars like a shopping center. There’s a map in the sales office that lets you know which aisle you need to head to for GM RWD, Ford FWD, etc all laid out nice and neat with sufficient space in between them to really get into the cars and tear out what you need. If you’re in southern Ontario and have need of some parts, it’s definitely worth a little bit of your time to wander through the yard at Cambridge Auto Wreckers.

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  1. I would happily browse through on your behalf Stewart. Unfortunately, as of yesterday everything is buried under 18 inches of snow. Obviously the photo is far from current. 😉

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