New Exhaust Video clips

After driving around for a little while with the new Magnaflow’s installed, I wasn’t entirely certain that I liked the sound. It wasn’t quite as deep as I was hoping for. I wondered if it were possible that it might sound better outside of the car than it does inside. I decided to make some video clips of the car at a few different throttle levels to see what the sound was like. Ultimately I found that I’m quite happy with the exhaust note as it sounds from the outside of the car. I’m still not a huge fan of how it sounds from the inside of the car, but I think I can live with that. I’ve shared some video files with the gang at as a number of them have FlowMaster muffler’s installed. From what we’ve discussed, the FlowMaster mufflers wouldn’t have sounded as good as these Magnaflow’s do.

Below are some links to the video files that I made of the car.

Click here to watch a video of the car starting up.

Click here to watch the car driving off at low throttle (At the end of this video the car can be heard rounding a nearby corner)

Click here to watch a drive-by at low throttle

Click here to watch a drive-by at higher throttle

Click here to watch a video of the car reversing into the driveway

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