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Scoring Roadmaster parts

I knew when I bought the Roadmaster that I had lots of work ahead of me. Even though it’s already needed a few major repairs ahead of schedule, I’m still pretty excited to get started and I’m loving the hunt for parts. The previous owner of the Roadmaster had made several failed attempts at repairing wiring in the drivers door and did a fair amount of damage to the interior door panels. I was able to remove the drivers door and locate the wiring problems but I haven’t been able to do much for the door panels. It looks like I’ll have to replace the interior panels and I’ve been hunting for either some panels or another Roadmaster that’s been scrapped or is being parted out. I’ve located a 1996 sedan that’s being parted out not too far away and the seller thinks that the door panels are in pretty good shape. He’s going to take a look and let me know if it’s worth the couple of hours of driving to go get them. WooHoo! Bring on summer.

I’m prowling the web regularly now trying to find just the right set of rims to really make my wagon look great. A considerable number of websites offer wheel visualizers to let you place different types of rims onto your make and model of car. The problem is that almost all of these visualizers have the same battered-looking brown sedan. It’s pretty hard to visualize what these rims would look like on my blue estate wagon. At long last, I found a visualizer that lets you upload your own pictures to try out rims on. The folks over at Top Gear in the UK have a pretty slick system for inserting different rims onto your own photo.


Now if I could just find a website with a visualizer like Top Gears but with a better selection I’d really be getting somewhere. It would save me a whole lot of time monkeying around with Photoshop.

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