The recent DUMPing of snow we just got has me really wishing that winter would just hurry up and get it over with. I’m really anxious to get outside and work on the car and get back to car shows again. I’m assuming that a lot of folks are feeling the same way…at least about the weather. For those of you who share my above sentiments in their entirety I figured I would go back through last summers photos and post up my favourites from various car shows. I didn’t get to all that many shows this year, but what I went to I thoroughly enjoyed and figured it would be worthwhile to share. Enjoy these pictures from MOPARfest in New Hamburg, Ontario and enjoy that there isn’t a snowflake to be seen in any of them! I took a fair number of photos at MOPARfest but in the interest of space, I’ve posted just a few of my favourites and shrunk them down a bit to load faster.

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