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Microsoft is not always the answer

A…significant…number of years ago, my lust for PDA’s drove me to purchase a Philip’s Nino 312 running Microsoft’s Windows CE platform. While the idea of carrying Windows in my pocket was extremely cool, overall I was unimpressed. I attempted to blame it on the hardware and I tried out a Casio Casiopeia for a while as well as an HP Palmtop (that one lasted two days before getting tired of it). Ultimately I moved my PDA needs toward the Palm OS and wound up very content. I had done my dalliance with Microsoft and even with Apple’s Newton, but Palm won my business and I migrated through several models and stayed with my last, the Treo 680, for many years before making the leap to Android. I won’t say that I had a dislike of Microsoft, it just didn’t seem very exciting. PDA users are a very loyal lot and we like what we like.

Recently, PDA and cellular phone manufacturer, Nokia decided to abandon their Symbian Operating System in favour of manufacturing equipment that has a Microsoft-based operating system. Apparently I’m not alone in my loyalty to software operating systems. Not only did company stock dip by 14% almost immediately but 1000 employees walked off the job in protest.

Don’t mess with us PDA lovin’ geeks!

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