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FanExpo 2003

I noticed that I have only posted photos or details from one Toronto FanExpo. I have been remiss in not sharing. I’ve been attending FanExpo’s for about 10 years now and I’ve been taking pictures since 2003. I’ve never once gone to a FanExpo and not had a great time. It only makes sense to share what photos I have here.

Over the next while I’ll be catching up on posting photos from FanExpo’s over the years. Today we have pictures from my first FanExpo after buying a decent digital camera. My SLR’s were always a little bulky to carry amidst the crowds. Strangely I ultimately replaced my point and shoot digital with a digital SLR and braved the crowds anyway. In the early days, the FanExpo was really just a Comic Book Expo and wasn’t terribly large or well laid out. I managed to get photos of David Prowse, Lou Ferrigno, and Denise Crosby in 2003 but didn’t take any other pictures.

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    Darth Vader, The Incredible Hulk, and Tasha Yar all in one room!



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