About ready to make the leap from junk to driver

Well, any wiring issues that prevent it from passing a safety inspection are resolved and I’ve fixed the rear window roller. In order to pass the emissions test I really need to figure out what’s causing the high NOX emissions during low RPM. I’m really not too sure where to start. I removed the EGR valve again and cleaned it thoroughly with carb cleaner before reinstalling it. Ideally I would really like to clean out the EGR passages but I just can’t reach it very well. I figure running a bottle of Seafoam through the vacuum lines to blow much of the carbon out of the engine might do the trick.

I have to admit, Seafoam is certainly doing something! Pouring the Seafoam into the vacuum lines gives clouds of smoke from the exhaust just as the manufacturer claims. Of course, water will do the same thing. The real proof is the thick brown sludge that pours from the tailpipe. There’s definitely a lot of crud getting scrubbed out of there.

That’s the last that I can do for now. I have the Roadmaster scheduled to go into the mechanic first thing Monday morning. I’ll give them the new Monroe Severe Service shocks that I bought and let them go to town. I know for certain that the car will need shocks, a new radiator and who knows what else.

My new GM Factory service manuals arrived today!! WooHoo! Now I can start really digging into any issues that I encounter. With two volumes and a 3rd Addendum these badboy’s are 15,000 pages of automotive techie goodness!

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