2011 Canadian International Auto Show – Concept Cars

For me the highlight of an Auto Show is the concept cars. I love seeing the far flung designs and cool features that find their way into a car when the engineers don’t have to follow what the marketing department tells them the demographic will allow. I’m always fascinated to see these designs unveiled as well as hear about legendary concept vehicles that have now found a home in a museum or are being cared for by a collector. Anyone else remember that beautiful Oldsmobile F-88 Concept that got squashed because it was too likely to be superior to Chevrolet’s Corvette of the time? What a car!
Here’s a link to some info on the F-88 for anyone who hasn’t seen it or heard of it before.
1954 Oldsmobile F-88 Concept Car

While there weren’t nearly as many concept cars at this years show as I would like, the ones that I did see, I was really impressed with. If the Subaru Hybrid Tourer or the Nissan Ellure were production cars, I just might be tempted to head on over to a dealership.

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