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Phoenix BrakeStrips

Now here’s a nifty little item we’ll all want in our garages. Phoenix Systems, the manufacturers of those oh-so-cool brake bleeding systems have done it again. These little beauties are brake fluid test strips. Designed to work just like a PH strip for testing water, the BrakeStrips help to diagnose the brake fluid sitting quietly in your master cylinder. BrakeStrip ID will help to identify just which type of fluid your car is currently equipped with while the BrakeStrip Copper system will help to identify just how much copper is currently present in your fluid and help you to judge when you should replace it.

For the collector car market as well as daily drivers this could very well be a money saver as it takes the guesswork out of when to swap out your brake fluid. A quick dip of the BrakeStrip ID system will also help you figure out just what type of fluid your new toy’s previous owner had in there.

The BrakeStrip Copper system comes in packages of 2, 25, or 100, ranging in price from $9.99 to $67.99.
The BrakeStrip ID system currently comes only in packages of 100 and will set you back $69.99.

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